Most famous bugs in history

Most famous bugs in history

What is a bug?


All devices today are based on software. We are talking here mainly about devices where security and data are the main concern. In order for the device to function properly, bugs should not be allowed to the system.


A bug is a programming error generated during the development of the software. Knowing that once compiled and installed, the code of a program cannot be modified directly anymore, the bug will be repeated if the conditions for it to occur are present.

Examples of the most famous bugs in history include the following:


Mars Polar Lander weather probe: This firm that has been given the mandate to build the navigation system. It has received all the information from NASA, but decided to use the imperial measurement system instead of the metric system. A disastrous decision, the device crashed and the company lost 125 million dollars later.


Ariane 5 Flight 501: A computer bug was never detected on this satellite until it was sent into space. Precisely 36.7 seconds after its deployment, it blew up in the middle of the sky. The estimated loss is $ 8.5 BILLIONS. All of that loss took place because of a simple bug.


Failing Accounting Software: A few years ago, the UK Child Support Agency asked EDS to create a management system. It was exactly what EDS did. However, what it produced was a horribly complex product and full of incompatibility errors. I generated a loss of one billion dollars.



Black Monday: So many of us still remember that in 1987, a survey of financial markets caused panic among investors who decided to dispose of their shares quickly, however the computer systems could not respond to the huge number of demands. The market then collapsed.


Dual Dosage for Multidata Systems: Multidata International System has designed a software to calculate the amount of radiation patients need to receive. However, this software had some limitations. As doctors tried to modify the data, the software began to double the amount of radiation on patients. Needless to say, compensating victims was very expensive

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