Convenient testing budget


Companies set the list of their priorities in different ways according to their needs and budgets. According to Statista budgets allocated to quality assurance and testing have risen from 18% in 2012 to 40% in 2019.  Companies have different options with regard to how they are going to spend their resources that makes it difficult for them to find the right way to spend 40% of your overall budget.

The main goal behind spending money on testing is getting a bug free software. Testers at improve software work on identifying present bugs and more bugs that might appear after launching the system. Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE) is the best way you can save unnecessary costs on bugs that pop up later after the use of the software.

We offer several cycles of testing in a short time frame, and we increase test coverage by executing tests on different browsers, devices in addition to different test cases.

To cater for different budget goals, Improve Software offers you different testing options. You can pay according to the number of testing days needed on different browsers. You will receive daily progress and summary test reports by the end of the mission.

You may also request a tester to relocate to your company in order to carry out the testing in the shortest delays. In order to facilitate communication with our clients, we have provided written report and communication with testers in different languages.

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