Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a Test?

You start by visiting the pricing page and choose one of the test types available at our pricing page

Following the placing of the order, we acknowledge receipt by sending an order confirmation email including the summary of the order, the number of the order, then validate the order definitively by sending the Customer an order validation email.

We send emails to the Customer’s email address to identify themselves in their customer account on the website.

Note: In case of absence of the receipt of the email, Improve Software recommends the Customer to contact us via the phone number.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal and Bank transfer.

Bank Transfer (wire transfer) is a safe payment method. First, you choose to pay by bank transfer, and select the option to complete the service you wish to pay.

Customers can pay by PayPal. To benefit from this method of payment, the Customer must have a PayPal account. In case of payment by PayPal, these are the terms and conditions of PayPal that apply (https://www.paypal.com/en/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full?locale.x=en_US).

Note: PayPal does not support amounts exceeding 2500$. Thus, we invite you to pay via bank transfer.

If you need help concerning payment procedure, please contact us on this email address: sales@improve-software.com

What is automation testing?

In automation testing, testers use automation tools to write documentation and execute tests. There is no use of manual testing. The main goal behind it is to increase efficiency and reduce any chance of human error.

Given that it reduces outcomes of human mistakes and offers a wide coverage of testing, automation testing is the best choice for companies who wish to deliver good quality software in a limited time frame to their clients.

What is Web testing?

It focuses on web application testing and verifies whether the application and the requirements are in conformity. In case there is a deviation, it is reported as a bug.

We use risk-based testing type to identify risks that may result in malfunction. We also use explanatory and functional testing in order to design and execute test cases and check the website’s conformity with the requirements. We also use user acceptance testing to create a scenario imitating real use situations.

What is Mobile testing?

It consists of testing software functionalities and usability developed for mobile phones. Due to the remarkable popularity of mobile software, there is an increasing demand on mobile testing.

For this pack, we use risk-based testing along with explanatory and functional testing. In addition, we use user acceptance testing in order to guarantee a successful user experience. As well, we choose to use real/ emulator device so that we can reproduce hardware and software devices. It simulates every detail of the hardware used by the real device to activate the application on it.

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