High quality software testing

Our job is to help you create the better software that will boost your business. Improve Software is a testing company that offers you testing services platform and human testing: ExploratoryTesting, Functional TestingUser Acceptance Testing, Risk based testing. Daily reporting and work environment are our ways to ensure high quality testing.

To preserve the quality of our services, we start by planning the testing process. A test plan describes in detail when and where the test will take place. It includes as well the objectives, the budget, the deadlines, the schedule and risk identification. We have considered that our plans should be in written form, since it is recommended by leading test experts to write down the plans to guarantee a smoother testing procedure.

If you want to improve your software, automation is the best way you can reach a good result. The World Quality report 2017-2018 by Capgemini, MICRO FOCUS and SOGETI mentions that the most adopted trends today in testing are Agile methodologies and test automation. Automated testing allows us to carry out testing of web applications on various web browsers at the same time. Automation makes code testing so much easier, since it is capable of testing more than one thousand lines of code. Testing is not only faster with automation but also produces almost bug-free software.

To guarantee the performance of your software, testing should touch all of its aspects. Testing reliability especially the software performance under high load is a key element of assuring the quality of your software. Performance efficiency is measured using stress testing, soak testing, and application performance monitoring. As part of our testing we also test measures of security. We do also test the ability of the system to adapt software and how frequently the software is delivered to users.

Our dedicated team of testers work in a suitable environment. We are constantly verifying that they are well trained, and involved in the software design from the beginning in order to be at the level of your expectation.













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