How does it work ?

  1. Check Our Test On Demand Offers

    The first step that we recommend you do, is visiting our test on demand page. Thus, you can choose between web, mobile or automated testing according to your needs and requirements. Testing tools and description are available with each test type.
  2. Choose The Number Of Testing Days

    After choosing the testing type, use the scale available with the testing type that you have chosen and modify the number of testing days that you need. Your test manager can estimate the number of days required. Testers at Improve Software are also available to help you estimate how many days you need to test your software. If you are pressed for time, we can manage to start the execution of your project right away.
  3. Identify Your Needs

    If you can’t find what you are looking among the testing types available in the test on demand page. You can visit the test as a service page pricing and launch a conversation with our qualified testers. Hence the tester registers your requirements and needs. Once agreed, our testers start the testing project.
  4. Managing Your Project

    Testers at Improve Software keep you fully updated with every step of during your test. Anything of high concern is reported to you immediately. You can also access and review your project in real-time thanks to our screenshots and video recording tools. And if you’re on a tight deadline, our testers are ready to launch the testing process on the spot, within an hour of first contact if necessary. We work with you step by step, it is our job
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