Test as a service

If you are looking for an ISTQB certified tester you have knocked the right door. Our testers work in shifts to be at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are also available the whole year. We understand that certain companies have language constraints, in order to facilitate communication for all companies, our experts can communicate with you orally and in a written way in your language. In case you need a tester at your office, our testers are ready to relocate to your premises. Our test as a service solution includes the following services: Test Automation, Test Mobile, Test Resources, Test Strategy.

If you need to consult a tester, you are invited to take an appointment. We offer also crowd testing which is used by leading companies such as Facebook and Paypal to guarantee their security. Our testers are used to working with foreign companies. This way they can get along easily with developers which results in perfect results. They are competent engineers and following continious training in order to be up to date with latest innovation in the field.

We offer the test as a service solution in order to facilitate the testing choice for you and provide you with tests customized to your needs. Companies deal with different cutomers with different needs and software requirements. To make things easier, we make it possible for you to contact testers and consult them directly.

We see that testing is crucial for a company’s survival, what about you ?

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