Test on demand

Given the modern business requirements, companies find themselves in urgent need to develop good quality software in a short period of time in order to satisfy their customers. In order to get a good quality, companies often resort to testing service providers that charge high costs. Usually, service providers charge companies according to the use of different web browsers and devices allocated for the test. Some service providers tend to engage customers who purchase their testing service in further business deals. Software companies may also fall in the trap of expensive services for no quality. In spite of paying high costs, defects still exist after launching the software. For these reasons, Improve Software offers you the test on demand solution.

At Improve Software we have developed our strategy while taking into consideration all constraints that companies meet. We offer mobile testing, web testing and automation testing for reasonable prices and in the shortest delays.

We have as well chosen the test on demand principle. This principle allows you to pay according to the number of testing days that you need . By the end of the mission you get a detailed report. Unlike other testing service providers, we offer our service without any further engagements. In case you need to repeat the same tests, we charge only 80% of the fees that were charged for the first service.

Testers at Improve Software are well experienced and understand the needs of companies from testing. They are ready to invest their skills to provide you with quick and effective testing. As a choice in good investment, our clients have chosen to test their software regularly by our testers for 30 % discount from initial charges.

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